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9 Impathle Drive
Pennington, KZN
South Africa,4184

Our Service to You

What do Companies want in a Transportation Broker?

People want their freight shipping companies to offer:

Competitive Rates

No Freight Damage

On-Time Delivery

Customized Service If Needed

Everyone wants the best rate. Our proactive staff has spent considerable time and effort, negotiating with first class carriers to provide our customers with the very best rates possible.

Do not accept any damage as a regular part of doing business. Damage occurs for a reason. At OYSTER LOGISTICS we take all steps necessary to insure your freight is handled with care.

Many factors need to fall into place to get your shipments to arrive on time. Consider dependable carriers, varied shipping/receiving hours, just to name a few. From pick-up to delivery our staff prides themselves on being able to move your shipments in a timely manner. Late shipments cost you and your customer money, to avoid such costs we do our utmost to deliver on time.

Not all fish can swim in the same bowl. Don’t settle for service that isn’t suited to your needs. At OYSTER LOGISTICS, we will make sure your company's needs are met.

Our promise to Clients is that our experienced brokers will find the right transport for your cargo. To and from any destination including across border loads.
We ensure that your load is covered by insurance from the moment we pick it up to the moment it is safely dispatched to your destination.

Our promise to Transporters is to source a load for you. We will get the load that suits your vehicle, your location and your destination.